wip. also purposefully lacking some information. 

  • - Originally a small company started in the 50's, with a focus on advancing technologies and such innovations to make life easier for the average consumer. Eventually, it started working towards functioning androids.

  • - With the brilliant minds on hand, android development excelled. While there were still issues with materials, they succeeded in making mostly human-like creations. Early prototypes were sold mostly as a novelty, with something feeling lacking.

  • - Eventually, they created 'cores', to fix what seemed to be lacking. Other research and developments started in giving units possible abilities, as well. At the same time, Global Synthetics grew as a corporation, gaining much money and power from its creations.

  • - Come the 80's, however, a world war broke out. The given story is that Global Synthetics used war units to help fight in it, and eventually-- used their Dome technology to save what people and cities they could from the looming, inevitable threat of nuclear devastation.

  • Of course, though, history is written by the winners.

  • - The war ended in the mid 90's, and Global Synthetics had become the main power 'holding the fractured world together'. Their Synthetic Enforcer units reaching the globe– to keep 'order' and 'keep things together'.

  • - They upped production of units-- with over the course of the mid to late 90's, the measure of advancements accelerated, units being built better, stronger, with a wide range of unbelievable abilities to choose from. The new technology of Transfers/'Synths', unit bodies for humans to transfer into, also became big.

  • - By the early to mid 2000's, they basically controlled everything, holding a monopoly on any and all technology you could buy. Though it isn't extremely obvious, given the micro-brands they have running around.

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