NAME : Soleil
  • 'AGE' : 16
  • GENDER : Fem-Nonbinary(She/Her)
  • ORIENTATION : Ace Lesbian
    SPECIES : Fae Unit
  • MODEL : ???
  • ACTIVATION : December 25th, 2009
  • HEIGHT : 154cm(5'1'')


Generally a very kind hearted, sunny, patient person, Sol is very hard to actually anger. Incredibly forgiving as well. However, she knows to be cautious, and isn't blindly optimistic either. She can quite easily put her foot down when need be.

She generally tries to keep up a positive and happy, good vibe for everyone-- though she does still get tired, with a number of anxieties pushed under.

Though she does consider if others are happy more important, she does make sure her own feelings aren't left to fester for too long, either. Or tries to make sure, anyway-- sometimes it might go on for a bit.


    - Main hobbies are drawing and playing video games.
  • - Has a video-site channel that she uses for speedpaints, lets plays, vlogging, streams, ect.
  • - Her model is old, but she's been updated a few times.
  • - Has had issues with nightmares.
  • - Her and Lunaire are considered a twin-like pair, though they really aren't.
  • - LOVES to cosplay, and usually drags Kai into it.


As far as she's aware, she has no powers. Or nothing she's tapped into, anyway. She doesn't really care to look for drives either.

However, she does seem to have... odd dreams, dreams that seem to have a bit more to them.