NAME : Azami
  • AGE : 20's (equivalent)
    GENDER : Female
  • ORIENTATION : Lesbian
    BIRTHDAY : ???
  • HEIGHT : 5'5'' (166cm)


A demon who appeared on the island, to satiate her own curiosity on the oddities surrounding it.

She varies between acting cheerful with a slight airiness, but with a tone tends to leave one feeling like she's thinking something... else, to rather dry and sarcastic, or even blunt.


    - She sticks to shadows. Hiding in shadows, dark manipulation for shadow tendrils-- such things.
  • - Frequently takes the form of a pitch-black bird whose silhouette vaguely resembles a crow.
  • - The eyes on her wings can disappear, reappear, appear as many, appear as few. And yes, she can see with them. They can also show up in her bird form.
  • - Neither her bird or human forms are her 'true' forms.


    - Darkness Manipulation
  • - Elemental Constructs
  • - Love Manipulation
  • - Multi-Shapeshifting