This site is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Some pages are still in the old layout, and there's quite a bit missing right now!

Current progress : Kai, Soleil and Phoenix's character profiles have been made-- currently working on Azami's. Next will be Medea's, Takuya's, Nana's, and Ediths-- probably not in that order. After I've got those done, I'll start on the actual cast page so you can get to 'em easily. (they won't be the only ones on the cast page, but they're the first bunch I added before the site redesign, so!)

After the cast page is done, likely either the World page or Archive page will be next. Haven't decided which.

Between all of that might be various cosmetic things, images added, and whatever other tweaks I feel.

Once the desktop site is at a good point, the mobile site will be worked on!

03/26/23 | Temporary pause is taking longer than I expected... I did not realize the toll the stress took on me.