This site is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Some pages are still in the old layout, and there's quite a bit missing right now!

Current progress : Got the worlds info page..s? started on! I'm still super unsure how I actually want to order / sort / categorize things, though, so it'll likely change every now and then, but... for now, it's a start.

03/19/24 | Hahh-- as mentioned, got the worlds pages kind of started. Also, progress for my has been slow and steady, but good! There really is the problem of wondering how much to say or not, though...

01/26/24 | Helloooo!! Apologies for the lack of updates, my focus just bounces back and forth between things! While I don't have anything new on this site yet, I have been working to first get my all updated! Which.... is slow going, but hey! It's going! Check it out if you want?

My plans in regards to this site is-- when I DO get back to it, I'm going to work on the world page first. Get that worldbuilding actually more set up and all. That being said, if I wind up tweaking how the site looks in general in the meantime.... don't be surprised.

07/04/23 | Finally got a start of the cast page put together! I really need to get all the other actual character pages done, lol..........

06/15/23 | Decided to simplify a tiny bit for my own sanity. I'm gonna be slowly working on things, but please bear with me, as this year has been... a lot, and now I'm actively grieving on top of it.