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A work in progress, site for my characters, stories, and their world(s). Sorry the site is a little plain right now, still trying to figure things out!


01/03/23 :
Happy new year!! This site is definitely gonna get entirely recoded. I've started on it already, but I just... have a feeling what's in my head might be way over my ability. But, hopefully, I can get SOMETHING nice.

12/27/22 :
Whoops! I haven't updated on this side much, but that's because I've been working on my personal site! That being said, I did tweak some things here from time to time. I might also redo things here in general, depending...

10/07/22 :
Happy spooky month! I've been working on rewrites and panels recently, so apologies for not updating here in a bit.

09/15/22 :
Whoops. I have many thoughts in my head of how to change how I've got stuff formatted.

09/14/22 :
Tweaking things a bit... need to find a good scanline overlay/background/something...

08/22/22 :
Uploaded a few more panels after uh... not doing that for a while, oops.

08/02/22 :
Drew up some things and edited the About page more-- adding in a couple of my friends who are part of this project!

07/27/22 :
Felt like messing around with the layout a bit for the main page... debating on also just having a normal index page to click into too, but I'd need to draw something up first that I'd be happy with. (Also, covid negative!)

07/17/22 :
Guess who has coviiiidddd. This whole time being safe but you can't do anything when someone in the same household is hardly symptomatic but contagious. The past week was a lot anyhow, ending with literally this. So uh. Yeah,

07/05/22 :
WHOOPS apparently i hadn't touched the site in a bit... I've been busy with stream stuff and other projects. And I'm someone who just kind of immediately jumped in without an actual set plan for the tumblr blog and then the neocities, so I'm trying to get a script down for the panels and like... actually have it flow and such hahahhh. I'm still around, though!!

04/17/22 :
Panels 15~18 posted! I've also been spending more time streaming on Twitch, so my focus has been a bit all over the place. Also pondering how to change up things here/make things more visually interesting... (also I appear to of done an Oops and overwrote the previous update with this. Oops! The gist of that was that I was helping with game stuff for a friend a few weeks ago.)

03/18/22 :
Pages 5~12 for In Between - 1 have been posted!

03/14/22 :
Changed the stories page a little, and I'm starting to upload In Between - 1 onto here! IE, the posts currently on the ask blog. But with some special extras for the site.

03/09/22 :
Sorry, I haven't updated the site itself on Neocities a whole bunch-- but I HAVE been planning things on the side and in Visual Code, figuring out how to go about certain things! Also admittedly, real world events... haven't been a great hit on my mental health. But, right now I'm at a point where I'm trying to get back on track! Also pondering doing an RSS feed? I've always seen it around but never used RSS or RSS feeds myself, so... this'll be very new for me! Also, Happy Miku Day!

02/24/22 : Muses page is finally up! Kai and Sol's profiles are up along with it, as well!

02/22/22 : It's Tue's Day! I don't have any updates for the site ready yet, I just wanted to say that. I am working on character profiles on the side, though!

02/21/22 : Site button created!

02/20/22 : Fighting my unstable internet to make the main page at least a little more responsive. Also, changed up the styling for outside-image dialogue on the asks!

02/20/22 :
>Soleil, you're blushing orange??
uploaded here!

02/20/22 :
Home layout tweaked! Image links for the outside links side will... one day be there, but. For now, mostly just text, and the buttons I made for my personal site. :'D

02/18~19/22 :
World pages put up! Information is still under construction, but hey! It's something!

02/18/22 :
>Soleil : What do you think of Kai?
uploaded here! (it's been on the tumblr for a few months tho)

02/17/22 :
Start of the site is uploaded to Neocities!(also happy 16th KAITO anniversary!!