NAME : Soleil
AGE : 16
GENDER : Nonbinary (She/Her)
SEXUALITY : Ace Lesbian
ALIGNMENT : Neutral Good
MODEL : Fae EV1_2
(E??????? V????? 1_2)
HEIGHT : 154cm (5'1'')
ACTIVATION : December 25th, 2009*

Soleil is a gentle soul with a heart of gold, radiating kindness and compassion, with a sunny disposition that lights up the room. She's patient with others, and known for her forgiving nature.

It takes a lot to make her angry, and she tries to be very understanding-- being able to see the good in people and situations. However, she's not naive, and knows when to be cautious-- sometimes having to balance the two. She's not afraid to speak her mind and put her foot down, either.

She has a natural ability to make people feel at ease, and tries her best to maintain a positive and happy atmosphere for those around her. She understands that life is rough, and everyone has their own struggles, so she's willing to lend a listening ear and offer words of encouragement.

Despite her own challenges, she tries to keep a positive outlook-- but she also makes sure to take note of her own limits, trying to take care of herself emotionally and mentally. Though, she does still have a tendancy to prioritize the happiness of others more often than not.

  • - Main hobbies are drawing, cosplaying, and video games.

  • - Has a video-site channel that she uses for speedpaints, lets plays, streams, vlogging, ect ect.

  • - Her model itself is quite old, but she's been updated a few times.

  • - Has had issues with nightmares.

  • - Actually really enjoys horror.

  • - Can handle spicy foods VERY well.

She draws for a hobby, but is decently good at it. She usually draws for her favorite series, and sometimes draws for life. Her style is generally cartoony and cute, but sometimes she dabbles in creepy.

Sewing / Costume Design
She makes her own costumes and cosplays, and in having done it for years, has gotten quite good at putting the outfits together.

She can sing, dance, act, and she has a decently successful streaming and video channel where she plays games, vlogs, does whatever seems fun at the moment.

Research / Investigation
Her curious nature and strong deduction skills makes Soleil an excellent researcher and investigator, able to piece together information and uncover the truth behind complex issues.

For one reason or another, she's actually very good at being very sneaky-- even without meaning to be. She's generally agile, and quiet when need be.

Sign Language
She learned it properly in order to communicate with their baby sister better. Specifically, ASL.

Trilingual Understanding
Her model had different language capabilities installed into them by default-- being English, Spanish, and Japanese. However, she only speaks English.


Her dreams tend to have some sort of outside meaning or connection-- sometimes, showing dream-distorted versions of other timeliens-- good and bad. She is also able to visit the goddess Aerwyna's domain through her dreams.