NAME : Phoenix
AGE : 19
GENDER : Male (He/Him)
ALIGNMENT : Chaotic Good
MODEL : Arcane FB2.i
(Fire Bird Model 2 Version 1.0)
HEIGHT : 154cm (5'1'')
ACTIVATION : Octobe 12th, 199X

Phoenix is a force to be reckoned with, holding a fiery temper that can often get the best of him. He has a tendency of concealing his emotions, believing that showing vulnerability would make him appear weak.

This frequently leads to a brash and rude attitude, creating thorns that keep people away from him.

Under all of this, though, lies a heart of gold and a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on the world around him. He's a natural leader, with a strong sense of responsibility and a determination to get things done efficiently and effectively.

He has a strong sense of morality, and a drive to do the right thing-- even if it's not the easiest path, even if what's 'right' isn't what's 'lawful.'

Despite his prickly demeanor, Phoenix is deeply loyal to his friends and family, even if he has a hard time showing his affection. He's someone who others would need to be patient to see past his rough exterior.

  • - His model is VERY fireproof. It would take EXTREMELY hot temps to hurt him. This includes his clothes.

  • - On the flip side, he can deal with the cold, but he doesn't like it.

  • - He's very warm all the time. Actually physically warm.

  • - The first of the initial group Kai was part of.

  • - Ends of his hair glows a bright red either when VERY pissed off, or using the stronger end of his fire abilities

  • - His spicy tolerance is unmatched within the group.

Physical Prowess
Phoenix is very physically capable, well in shape. Running, jumping, climbing, ect. are no real problems for him.

Survival Skills
Due to situations within his past that he won't talk about, he's pretty much a go-to for survival skills when you need them. Helps that he can make fire on his own, too.

Organizational Skills
Very much able to keep things tidy, together, and easy to find.

Historical Knowledge
Knows a good amount about the worlds past, especially in regards to GlobalSynth.

Research / Investigation
While not as much as Soleil, he has cultivated good research and investigational skills over the years-- an important skill to have with propaganda muddies literally everything.

Sign Language
Specifically, ASL. Was taught by Soleil, the two kind of learned together. He has some trouble with it, but he's trying.

Bilingual Understanding
His model had different language capabilities installed into them by default-- being English, Spanish, but he mostly speaks English.


Fire Manipulation
Phoenix wields the power of fire with surprising precision-- he can generate, shape, and manipulate flame at will, harnessing the explosive energy of combustion to his whims.

By just thinking it, he can ignite any material-- controlling its intensity and color, creating a dazzling display of fire that is both mesmerizing and deadly.

He has mastery over the temperature of the fire, capable of creating blazing infernos, or gentle flickers that provide warmth and comfort.