NAME : Azami
AGE : 20-equivalent
GENDER : Female (She/Her)
ALIGNMENT : True Neutral
SPECIES : Young Transcendent Demon
HEIGHT : 166cm (5'5'')
Birthday : ????

Azami's a young and enigmatic Demon of Love who came to the island to satiate her own curiosity on the oddities surrounding it.

She's a bit of a mystery, her intentions hard to discern-- she's a master of disguse and deception, making it hard to see what's going on in her head. Her tone can change quickly, from a light cheerfulness, to dry and sarcastic.

She chooses her words and actions carefully, and one has to wonder if she's seeing something... else, within everyone.

She won't meddle often, though. Even if she sees something off, she will likely simply continue to observe out of her own curiosity of what will happen, how things will unfold.

  • - Frequently takes the form of a pitch-black corvid-type bird. And by pitch black, I mean as if you were looking into a bird-shaped void with eyes.

  • - The eyes on her wings can disappear, reappear, appear as many, appear as few... and yes, she can see through them.

  • - Seems to be from royalty.

  • - One of the first visitors of the island.

  • - Neither her void bird form or 'human' forms are her real form.

  • - '20's' equivalent, meaning, she has been around for much longer-- but when it comes to maturing in comparison to humans, thats where she's at.

Thanks to her powers, she is able to move around very discreetly, and be a fly on the wall if need be.

She is very good at singing and dancing, able to use her talents there to charm someone if need be. Or just to have fun.

She's a surprisingly decent cook, when she bothers to try her hand at it. She prefers making soups above all.

Magical Knowledge
Likely due to her upbringing, she knows quite a bit about the magic of their world, and the origins of much of the powers that have been tapped into. Especially Demonic magic, of course.

Persuasive Abilities
On her own, she knows hare to talk her way around, into, and out of situations and whatever is needed. Her powers amplify this quite a bit.

As a demon, she knows common demon tongues-- as well as English. She does want to learn more languages, too.


Darkness Manipulation
The power to create, shape, and manipulate darkness and shadows-- going from clouding everything in darkness, creating solid shadow tendrils and other constructs, pulling others into her darkness, ect. ect.

She frequently uses this to hide in shadows-- be it moving around, or in someone specific's shadow.

Elemental Constructs
The ability to turn various elemental forces into different forms of objects, as real or detailed as she desires. This is mostly in tandem with her Darkness Manipulation, but can apply to her Love or other things, too.

If it is outside of her abilities with Darkness or Love, the construct created will be the same amount of matter as whatever she used to create it. No new matter is created.

Love Manipulation
As a Demon of Love, Azami has the ability to manipulate and sense all aspects of love. Romantic, platonic... any and all in regards to love.

She can make people fall head over heels for her or others, or even make them fall out of love just as easily. This even extends to animals and other creatures.

She also has the ability to channel the emotional energy into physical forms, be it as weapons or items, or as a physical blow.

Surprisingly though, she is sparing with this power, but the potential is there nonetheless.

Azami has the fascinating ability to be able to shapeshift into multiple beings at once. A flock of bats, a pile of spiders, multiple clones of herself or others...

However, it is important to note that the bigger the form, the less she can turn into. Flies, spiders-- that can be hundreds. Bats, fewer. Her bird forms, handful. Human forms, at MOST two.

It helps her quite a bit, as if she's her own team of spies-- since each piece still shares her mind with her.

She does have to be careful, however-- destruction of these copies can cause damage to herself. It's not that worrisome if it's one spider among hundreds, or just one small spider in general, but if she has split into two, ie, two bird forms, or two human forms...?

Shadow Perception and Emergence
Azami has a particular ability to sense the darkness within someone, no matter how much or how little. It's a sixth sense for her, really. Sometimes, she can literally visualize it too.

However, that isn't the end of this power. Along with being able to sense and visualize another persons darkness, she also has the ability to have said darkness manifest one way or another. Make it take over the person, or as another being to fight them... a forced confrontation of inner demons.

Sometimes, if she were to use this on comrades, she can have it physically manifest in an odd, while encompassing, empowering way-- constructs around the person depending on their personal demons. This ability specifically is only temporary, but still should not be done too many times.

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