ConcealedErrors is the name given to a collection of various musings and creative ventures related to Kadin, Soleil, and their world-- as well as the multiverse they're in. The focus will mainly be on them, or versions of them-- but others may show up from time to time too.

The ordering of stories or snippets shown here is most likely going to be entirely non-linear, and dependent on what felt right, or was within our ability to do. Panels, normal-ish comics, writing bits, doodles, videos, mixtures thereof are all possible.

Expect mostly slice of life type stuff for those two, but other things might slip by. Dark topics and humor is likely.

Nothing is truly finalized either, yet. Most everything is subject to change.

The world is largely a collaborative effort between a group of friends. Lore, ideas, characters, ect, all of it. This site, ConcealedErrors, is only a part of it, a certain side.


USERNAME : MirrorTeru
PRONOUNS : They/Them

The main writer/creator for Kadin and Soleil, among others. and the one making this site and drawing the stuff for it. A friendly paradox void creature just wanting to share stories.

Personal Neocities, Art Tumblr.

USERNAME : mel4ncholyhill
PRONOUNS : She/her

The main writer/creator for Mint and Co, from her own story and side of the lore, including Multiverse workings and lore, sentient paradoxes, ect.

Her Twitter

USERNAME : MarshmallowManju

The main writer/creator for Noel, among other characters within GlobalSynth and its lore. Artist. Sweetie pie.

Her Twitter, Her Tumblr

USERNAME : CirqueDeCircinus

Contributor to the base of the worldbuilding, as well as powers for the various units. Enjoys magical girl villains a healthy amount.

His Twitter, His Tumblr

USERNAME : galacticcorgi

Contributor to the base of the worldbuilding. Your friendly neighborhood corgi person from a galaxy far away. Enjoys headpats, fetch quests and walks on the beach.